Customer service

Cuisine Karo makes it a point of honour to serve its customers efficiently without ever sacrificing quality or freshness.

Customers usually submit their orders by phone or fax, and these orders are then prepared overnight. The order desk is open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Customers can then go to the shipping office (Anjou) between 4am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday to pick up their food, which they will then distribute during the day.

The "cash & carry" warehouse store is open 4am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Our customers can select the products of their choice and leave with their purchases or use our delivery service.



Shelf life and freshness

The company offers its customers a wide range of perishable products, some of them in packaging that keeps them fresh for seven days, and others that stay fresh for up to a whole month. Let us know what you need and we will give you sound advice.