The short history of a vast culinary story

Cuisine Karo was founded in 1989 by Stéphane Caron. His organizational skill and integrity, human values that he knew how to share with the members of his team, would contribute greatly to the company’s development.

In a few years, Cuisine Karo was growing strongly in every one of its markets. It now has 150 employees working (in shifts) 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, to satisfy customer demand.

In addition to its president and director of operations, the company also has on board a quality controller, an HACCP coordinator, several chefs and sous-chefs, a production director, human resources director, procurement director, a receiving & shipping supervisor, as well as a number of people working in administration.

Cuisine Karo has 45,000 square feet of premises along with all the production and packaging equipment required to manufacture the best quality food at the best possible cost. Every day, the cleanliness of the premises is carefully checked by public health inspectors.

The company’s primary concern is to offer quality products and to meet its customers’ expectations fast.