Cuisine Karo’s key commitments

Cuisine Karo fervently believes that firm commitments to all participants in the "food value-chain"—suppliers, employees, consumers, community—allow us to do business serenely, and to contribute to everyone’s quality of life.

These are our key commitments:

Promise of quality and taste

We want to offer you products that you will enjoy, in terms of how they look, their nutritional values and their variety. We therefore invest constantly in developing new products and improving our existing ones based on the needs expressed by our customers.

Food safety

Food safety and, by extension, consumer health, are unrelenting priorities and concerns for Cuisine Karo. Our plant is certified HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), a system of standards to prevent, eliminate or at least reduce as much as possible all hazards that could affect the safety of foodstuffs and cooked products.

Such a system can be weakened unless employees’ awareness and training are continuously upgraded and rigorous quality controls are maintained, aspects that Cuisine Karo accords primary importance.

Healthy working environment

The company is careful to continuously preserve and improve the excellent working atmosphere that it has established with its staff, constantly emphasizing quality of work, customer courtesy, and team spirit, punctuality, respect and honesty.

We advocate balanced working schedules that promote personal development and allow time for a meaningful family life.

Workplace health and safety is also a key priority. We work hand in hand with the Quebec occupational health & safety commission CSST as well as with all employees to reduce and minimize risks of incidents and accidents. It affects the quality of life of us all!


Cuisine Karo is proactively involved with the Salvation Army and the interprovincial Food Bank to offer foodstuffs to the poorest among us. We also sponsor a number of cultural and sporting events.

This is our way of giving back and contributing in the way that we can to civic action.